Michael Ausiello
December 02, 2008 AT 11:12 PM EST

Hopefully, you’ll all be intrigued by today’s blind item. But if a certain TV star is reading this, they should squint extra hard to read between the lines. How come? They’ve been canned — they just don’t know it yet!

Yep, it seems an original cast member of a hit series that’s popular

with Ausholes (and yours truly) has been pink-slipped without the

benefit of being given a pink slip. A combo platter of budget cuts and

creative redirection is being blamed for the firing, but it also bears

mentioning that said performer was never going to win any popularity

contests with their co-stars.

As for why the MVP still hasn’t been told that the unemployment line

is reserving a spot for them… well, that’s where things get really

interesting. According to my mole, there’s still a snowball’s chance in

Hollywood that the producers might have a change of heart.

If, or when, the axe does fall, the regular’s on-screen alter ego

isn’t likely to be killed off. Although death has cast a shadow over

many a plot, this personality’s demise would probably be deemed too

morbid, even for this show.

So, stars… readers… readers who are stars… Call your agents

and get guessing! Oh, and memo to my higher-ups at EW: Don’t bother

asking me who it is — this is one blind item I won’t be blabbing about!

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