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Stephen Colbert's 'Operation Humble Kanye': Pick a side!

Someone help me out here. The hour for Stephen Colbert’s “Operation Humble Kanye” is drawing nigh, and I have no idea which team I’m on. In case you haven’t been watching The Colbert Report this week (and why not?), check out the clip below: Stephen wants his viewers to buy the soundtrack of his recent Christmas special from the iTunes store at exactly 5 p.m. Eastern today in order to knock Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak off of the top of the iTunes chart. Now, as a loyal citizen of Colbert Nation, I am generally prepared to do anything my leader asks of me. But I am also a longstanding fan of Kanye’s music, and I know ‘Ye has a way of taking things personally. Complicating matters, I happen to be sorta ambivalent about both of these particular projects — I’m still not quite sold on Kanye’s decision to become a sadsack electro crooner, and much of A Colbert Christmas’ schmaltzy schtick left me scratching my head instead of LOLing. (Though I will admit that Kanye and Young Jeezy’s “Amazing” is, well, amazing, and Colbert and John Legend’s “Nutmeg” is an instant holiday classic that I will enjoy for years to come.)

Anyway, the whole issue may be moot by now, since Britney Spears and Akon seem to have unseated Kanye on the iTunes chart as I write this. But my dilemma still remains, even if it’s a symbolic one. Should I go purchase Colbert’s soundtrack or Kanye’s album (or, shh, neither) at 5? One more Colbert clip to help you make up your mind is after the jump.


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