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'The Simpsons': What's the story behind their Apple lovefest?

After watching the Nov. 30 episode of The Simpsons, we can say this: Jobs
well done. As in, the Fox comedy sure roasted Apple and its CEO, Steve
Jobs. The irreverent parody of the computer giant (in which Lisa runs up a
huge bill from Apple — excuse us, Mapple — by downloading too many songs to her
iPod — ahem, myPod) tweaks the company’s culture of cool and even offers up a
few Jobs jabs (“How dare us question the boss we fired 10 years ago and then
brought back?” says one employee). Funnier still, there were multiple Apple
ads during commercial breaks. Does Apple have a self-effacing sense of
humor, or was it just coincidence? Looks like the latter: The company didn’t
know about the satire, and Simpsons exec producer Al Jean wasn’t aware of
the commercials’ placement beforehand. “The show has a tradition of biting
the hand that feeds us, and sometimes it goes up to the elbow,” says Jean,
an admitted “Apple enthusiast.” Let’s hope the main Mac man
enjoyed the parody, as a deal was recently cut to bring the current season of Simpsons
episodes to iTunes. Cracks Jean: “If he wants to give me
an upgrade on my laptop in exchange for no more future mockings, so be it.”