Lynette Rice
December 04, 2008 AT 10:00 AM EST

ABC may have canned Pushing Daisies, but we haven’t heard the last from its imaginative creator, Bryan Fuller. Sources confirm that he’s about to close a two-year deal with NBC/Universal to develop new shows and — most importantly — make a much-anticipated comeback to Heroes. The news should come as great relief to fans of the struggling NBC series; Fuller wrote for the show during its first season, including the critically beloved “Company Man,” an episode with a streamlined, single-character focus that is often cited as a model the jam-packed ensemble show should follow moving forward. In fact, Fuller made a promise to exclusively that if Daisies wasn’t renewed, he’d “definitely be going back to play with my friends at Heroes.”

If there’s ever a show in need of a creative kick in the pants, its Heroes — the mythological drama that’s suffered both a ratings decline and some troublesome turnover in the writers room of late. As complaints from fans and critics began to hit a fever pitch last month, saying that the once-popular show was losing its zeitgeist-capturing appeal, NBC-Universal decided to can co-exec producers Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander — celebrities in their own right among the fanboys.

It’s unclear how long — or in what capacity — Fuller would serve on Heroes, though his tour of duty likely won’t extend beyond this season, as NBC Universal will surely want the popular writer to create more buzzworthy shows in the vein of Daisies and his old cult hit Wonderfalls.

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