Jean Bentley
December 06, 2008 AT 10:00 PM EST

I’m going to start this week’s countdown with a mini-countdown of my own. Don’t worry, it only goes up to two. It’s called the Posts Jean Liked But Was Surprised You Guys Didn’t Comment on More Countdown, or PJLBWSYGDCOMC for short (it just rolls off the tongue, I know). First, Simon Vozick-Levinson brought this brilliant video to our attention: a hilarious tribute to the widely-used Auto-Tune software (and no, T-Pain wasn’t involved). Were we (and the lone commenter) the only ones who found that video hilarious? Second, Noah Wyle made Mandi Bierly tell him how hot he is. Noah Wyle is awesome (duh), he is hot (double duh), and he is Carter. Where’s the Wyle love?

See, the inaugural PJLBWSYGDCOMC was short. Told you so. Now, without further ado, the Fray–let’s Enter it:

10. After rumors about Season 8 began to leak, Michael Slezak wondered if the American Idol gang could change up the process and broadcast the semifinal round live.

9. You guys speculated whether Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart has the chops for her role as rocker Joan Jett in the just-announced Runaways biopic, or if it’s just another move to get away from Twilight‘s good-girl image.

8. HBO eavesdropped on Simon Vozick-Levinson’s family road trip conversation and decided to make a Rome movie. (That’s totally how it happened, you guys!)

7. Mark Shaiman and Adam Shankman made a too-late plea for gay marriage equality in Prop 8 — The Musical, starring, Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Margaret Cho, and lots of other famous folks.

6. Michael Slezak lamented Britney’s half-assed performance on Britain’s X-Factor. But, you know, I’ll take Half-Assed Performing Britney over Nutjob Head-Shaving Britney any day. Plus, I need a new Britney song to replace the ”womanizah womanizah” in my head.

5. Jeff Probst blogged about this week’s penultimate Survivor: Gabon episode.

4. For some reason, the Recording Academy broadcast what Whitney Pastorek dubbed an hour-long ”Tribute To Songs Your Parents Like On That Network With Shows For Old People,” a.k.a. the 2009 Grammy Nomination Special, featuring Taylor Swift.

3. Amy Wilkinson speculated that Leona Lewis’ ”Bleeding Love,” the song of the summer, could be the song of the year.

2. Speaking of those Grammys, Joshua Rich has the list of nominees here.

If you’re sick of Twilight, quit reading here. We’re done. See ya next week!
If not, read on for this week’s No. 1 post:

1. We make our ideal casting picks for the bad-guy Volturi vamps in the Twilight sequel. Kristin Chenoweth, anyone?

addCredit(“Kristin Chenoweth: Jewel Samad/Getty Images; Taylor Swift: John Shearer/WireImage”)

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