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Celebrity interns: The EW wish list


Ewcelebrityinterns_lHe’s laid low for a while after that brutal admonishment from THE OPRAH, but it looks like A Million Little Pieces author James Frey has finally resurfaced: The disgraced memoirist interned at Gawker yesterday. And just what did they have him doing (aside from fetching donuts)? Fact-checking. Heh, way to beat everyone to the punch. With rocker Ryan Adams interning at BlackBook and recently suspended hockey player Sean Avery’s stint at Vogue this summer, it’s EW’s time to get some unpaid labor out of famous folks. Here’s our (brilliantly clever) celebrity intern wish list:

Coldplay - photocopying

Isaiah Washington - sensitivity training leader (if Mel Gibson isn’t available)

Michael Jackson - expense reports

Janet Jackson - wardrobe

Heidi and Spencer - staging photo shoots


Rosie O’Donnell - Human resources mediator

Which celebs would you PopWatchers like to see as EW interns and what menial tasks should we humiliate them with?