Adam Markovitz
December 12, 2008 AT 06:30 PM EST


Plot: To avoid getting deported, a Canadian born businesswoman (Sandra Bullock) forces her assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her.
Looks like: Two Weeks Notice meets Green Card
Verdict: Confession: We love Two Weeks Notice. Reynolds is no Hugh Grant, but we’ll take a good romcom fix when we can get it.


Plot: Let’s see. There’s a stripper, a guy in the ocean, people running, more strippers, a boy flying a kite, money, and then a whole lot more strippers. Who needs a plot when you’ve Jessica Biel sliding down a pole?
Looks like: A remake of Showgirls directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
Verdict: There’s only one line of dialogue in the whole trailer, and it’s not too impressive. Hopefully the movie will have more to say.


Plot: Things go wrong when a man (Gael Garcia Bernal) takes a business trip to Thailand, leaving his wife (Michelle Williams) and daughter behind. How wrong? We have no idea.
Looks like: Babel meets Deception
Verdict: Hard to tell what’s going on in this clip. But with Williams and Bernal on board, we’re hopeful that this’ll be a thought-provoking drama — and not just a mammoth downer.

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