Michael Slezak
December 15, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

Ever since word NBC and ABC announced their respective decisions to cancel My Own Worst Enemy and Dirty Sexy Money, episodes of the two doomed dramas have been piling up on my DVR like the stacks of magazines and newspapers, paid bills, and personal correspondence that have turned the main storage area of my apartment into something my husband has lovingly dubbed “the shame-shame closet.” And in much the same way I find it hard to recycle old birthday cards or five-year-old copies of Martha Stewart Living, I’m having a tough time trying to decide whether to erase these series from my DVR queue and revoke their “series recording” status, or make like a member of the dance band on the Titanic and keep playing till the final credits roll. Any Enemy or Sexy Money fans out there who are grappling with/have grappled with this painful pop-culture decision? (Yeah, the writing on the latter series went off the rails this season, but I can’t help but feel disloyal having this conversation.) And whether or not I hit delete now, how am I supposed to go on without my weekly Mädchen Amick and Natalie Zea fixes in 2009?

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