Marc Bernardin
December 16, 2008 AT 11:54 PM EST

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the developments in the Tron remake/sequel — and, to be honest, why would you? — a pair of actresses have been cast: Olivia Wilde (far left) and Beau Garrett. They’ll be joining Jeff Bridges, who’s returning as Kevin Flynn, the hacker who gets sucked into a virtual world.


Don’t get me wrong: I dug the 1982 original. I was (and am) a videogamer, so it hit me in the sweet spot. And what’s not to like about light cycles and solar sailers and virtual gladiatorial games? But I didn’t care a whit who was in the film. Casting isn’t gonna get anyone excited about another Tron; you’re gonna have to show me something.

Are you gonna line up in 2011 to see Tr2n? (And does that title strike you as silly/pretentious as it does me?)

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addCredit(“Olivia Wilde: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; Beau Garrett: Alexandra Wyman/WireImage”)

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