Annie Barrett
December 18, 2008 AT 10:32 PM EST

Comedy Central has greenlit a scripted half-hour show based on’s “Secret Girlfriend” — a series of very short clips of varyingly nutso women delivering confessionals to the camera as if you, the viewer, are her boyfriend. They’re recasting for TV, so I’m strongly considering posting audition videos of me blathering on about my Pop Tarts pillow or how I don’t feel comfortable in sexy situations without liberal incorporation of my sparkly fringed wand. Think “Secret Girlfriend” can work on TV? Check out one episode, below.

I’d personally rather watch an entire series based on Jersey girl Delores DiGagorio’s “Better Your F*#@1ing Self” (this was the first vid to pop up on Atomic Wedgie’s homepage, so I’m either the easiest sell in the universe or it’s really that hilarious) — but what about you?

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