Simon Vozick-Levinson
December 18, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

Here is what a dude told Rolling Stone about Neil Young today: “He’s got something very special….His voice is perfect and haunting.” TRUE! He has, and it is. Unfortunately, the dude who made these observations was Donald !%^&in’ Trump. I’ll be honest: I really love Neil Young’s music, but knowing that this pompous schmuck also enjoys it sorta makes me want to never listen to a Neil Young CD ever again. And I’m scared: Given the Donald’s penchant for buying cool stuff with his inherited moneys and slapping his name all over it, how long do we even have before stores start exclusively stocking, like, Donald Trump’s After the Gold Rush (pictured)? (Or maybe that should be After the Gold Rug?)

Okay, sorry, just had to get that out. Somehow I’ll have to find a way to keep listening to my favorite Neil Young albums without thinking of The Donald. While I work on that, help me out here: Have any of you been turned off of a musician, movie, or TV show after learning you share your fandom with an unfortunate celeb such as this? Did you ever get over it? I need to know.

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