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'Idolatry' returns January 16!

To paraphrase the young and talented Jordin Sparks, “This is our now.” By “this,” of course, I refer to American Idol season, which kicks off January 13 on Fox, and will continue till you have turned into a speed-dialing, sleep-deprived, squealing fangirl/boy or till you can’t take another second of hearing about the exploits of Simon, Paula, Randy, and a bunch of currently anonymous singing hopefuls. As for the “our,” that’d be yours truly, as well as my delightfully twisted, opinionated, earnest, and witty co-hosts. I could list ‘em all in alphabetical order, but wouldn’t it be more fun to check out their shining-est moments in this all-new trailer for season 3 of Idolatry? Wait! Don’t answer that! Just press play, then share your excitement level (or lack thereof) regarding season 8 of Idol in the comments section below.

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