Marc Bernardin
December 21, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

Well, it seems like I was on the money…sort of. I’d predicted that Jim Carrey’s Yes Man would, indeed, take the top slot on this weekend’s box office derby, beating out Will Smith’s Seven Pounds. But I figured that Yes Man would make twice the $18.2 million it did. And that Seven Pounds would take down $23 million, rather than $16 million. But there’s no accounting for weather.

Because if you believe Al Roker, we had a mother of a storm system this weekend, blanketing much of the top half of the country in “no, we’re not leaving the house today” snow/sleet/ice. So, while Yes Man and Seven Pounds were relatively strong openers in the grand scheme of things — especially Seven Pounds, which, again, doesn’t have Big Willie blowing stuff up — it’s entirely possible that they’d have performed better under sunny skies or starry nights.

Not sure much would’ve helped The Tale of Despereaux — while it fared much better than Delgo, its $10.5 million dollar opening doesn’t bode well for a CG flick that cost a reported $60 million to make.

And the rest of the top 5 were holdovers — The Day the Earth Stood Still dropping an action-flick-standard 67 percent to sweep in another $10.1 million and Four Christmases sauntering over the $100 million mark.

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