Michael Slezak
December 22, 2008 AT 09:21 PM EST

Jennifer Aniston wore nothing but a patriotic necktie on the cover of the latest GQ to promote this week’s release of Marley & Me. Similarly, the adorable Labrador Retriever puppy who stars in the movie’s print campaign did his part, wearing nothing but a big red bow in giant billboards all across America. That leaves today, tomorrow, or Wednesday for costar Owen Wilson to shed his pesky clothing, don a jaunty bowtie, and — subzero temperatures be damned! — make one last nekkid promotional push for the canine Christmas weepie. Yes, you heard it here first: The film’s box-office fortunes rest firmly on Wilson’s bare shoulders.

Will you be seeing Marley & Me this holiday weekend? And does your decision hinge in any way on Owen Wilson flashing a little flesh? All must be revealed, people!

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