EW Staff
January 02, 2009 AT 05:00 AM EST

Anna ?Faris: Bill’s character? is Flint, an inventor ?who invents the ?weather machine that gets us into all this? trouble.

Bill Hader: He’s a scientist, but he’s not a very good ?scientist.

AF: My character, ?Sam, is really smart and obsessed with weather, but she hides that intelligence and looks the part of a weather girl.

BH: In other ?words, she is a huge f—ing nerd.

AF: At one point Sam ?gets a scratch in a peanut butter cavern and goes into anaphylactic shock, so I have to do the whole thing all stuffed up. You spend five hours talking like ?that… Ugh.

BH: It’s an interesting challenge. I don’t have to wear pants to record the parts. Still, it actually is harder than you’d think.

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