Kerrie Mitchell
January 02, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

Court was definitely in session over the holiday season, as three Hollywood projects got caught in a tangle of legal proceedings. Below, we translate the gobbledygook:


The battle over Watchmen took a shocking turn on Dec. 24, when a judge ruled that Fox owned the distribution rights to the comic-book series, and that consequently, Warner Bros. had no rights to make a film adaptation. Oh, by the way, the film is scheduled to hit theaters on March 6.

Yeah, yeah — how does it affect me?

If you’re in the Watchmen cult, it’s disastrous. A potentially ugly trial is set to begin on Jan. 20, and Fox still wants to delay the movie’s release. (Warner Bros. execs said they are ”exploring all of our appellate options.”)

Project Runway

Bravo’s parent, NBC Universal, and Lifetime are tussling over who gets to air future seasons of Runway. The latest wrinkle: On Dec. 23, a judge rejected Lifetime’s request to move the case to federal court.

Yeah, yeah — how does it affect me?

Well, for starters, season 6 — which has already filmed — won’t premiere as planned in January. Chances are that this battle is going to get even nastier than Kenley’s attitude.

Two and a Half Men

In 2003, Warner Bros. licensed the new sitcom to CBS for four years, with an option for two more. As you might have heard, the show became a big hit. Warner must’ve heard too: On Dec. 23, it sued CBS for $49 million, which the studio says it’s owed.

Yeah, yeah — how does it affect me?

Minimally. Even Charlie Sheen barely cares.

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