Michael Ausiello
January 16, 2009 AT 10:45 AM EST

Major casting news just in from TV’s best comedy: Scott Bakula is Chuck’s dad!

Chuck boss Josh Schwartz confirms to me exclusively that Bakula has inked a deal to play the estranged father of Zachary Levi’s title character in at least three episodes.

“Chuck made a promise to his sister, Ellie [Sarah Lancaster], that he was going to find their dad in time for her wedding,” Schwartz explains. “And it’s something that Chuck becomes consumed with pursuing during the second half of the season.

“But when he finds him, he’s not necessarily a guy who wants to be found,” Schwartz continues. “He’s living in a trailer, he’s disheveled, he’s paranoid and he’s claiming constantly that Ted Roark [Chevy Chase] — who he used to work with — stole all his ideas from him. And Ted Roark has now become this super-successful software billionaire, and Chuck’s dad has become an eccentric, living in the shadows.”

Look for Bakula’s arc to kick off in April.

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