Ken Tucker
January 16, 2009 AT 08:07 PM EST

Yes, it’s that time again: come on, get it out of your systems–what did you watch this week that bored you silly, that irritated you with its insipidness, that annoyed you with its sheer insult to the intelligence?

Here, I’ll get you started.
If you dislike American Idol, speak up, will you? Consider this space on to be our own little Home Of The Idol Haters, where people who don’t think this show is the high point of musical inspiration can come and feel safe Speaking The Unspeakable aloud.

I watched the first two editions of Idol this week out of critic’s-duty, and am already sick of Simon’s slick put-downs (something about a voice sounding like dropping a cat off the Empire State Building? gee–not funny or constructive), and I almost became nauseous as the Idol judges put on their rare sympathetic faces in listening to the story and music of a blind man auditioning. And Ryan Seacrest then trying to high-five the guy, and being left hanging? Priceless… that is, if Idol wasn’t kinda worthless.

What else bugged you this week? Something completely different?

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