Lindsay Soll
January 18, 2009 AT 09:38 PM EST

Last night’s Saturday Night Live was hosted by Seven Pounds star Rosario Dawson, and I’m pretty sure I only laughed about seven times. (Four of which followed Seth Meyers’ Weekend Update riff: “On Thursday, New York water taxis accomplished in half an hour what the creators of Lost haven’t been able to do in five seasons.”)

Not that it was Dawson’s fault, though. She was adorable in almost all of her skits, but I kept hoping for one in which we could really see if she could bring the funny. Instead, we got a bunch of dull acts about things like “making good excuses” and Aladdin and Jasmine’s 10th anniversary carpet ride (embedded here).

We all know the SNL writers have more original ideas up their sleeves, so where was that pizazz last night? The digital short (also embedded after the jump) — which I think was supposed to mock a D.A.R.E. ad, but I’m still not quite sure — even failed to amuse me. Where the heck was Neil Patrick Harris and his Doogie Howser orchestra when we needed them?

One parody that does deserve accolades: The View. That skit seems to get better and better each time they do it. Keenan Thompson’s Whoopi and Fred Armisen’s Joy (“Who cares? So what?”) are always top-notch, but it was Kristen Wiigs so-dead-on-it’s-funny-even-to-people-who-don’t-watch-The View impression of ultra-conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck that won my vote last night (“It wouldn’t print if it weren’t true”). Dawson’s Salma Hayek was also pretty spot-on, but it’s probably not that hard to channel the actress because all you really need is oodles and oodles of cleavage.

As for the musical guest of the evening, I thought it was an interesting choice for SNL to pick the Seattle indie rockers Fleet Foxes. It was great mainstream exposure for them to be on the show, but I’m wondering: How many of you out there actually knew who the heck these Foxes were before last night?

Were you as bored as I was by SNL last night, PopWatchers? How did you think Dawson did as a host? Finally, what were your favorite and least favorite skits? Discuss below!


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