Mandi Bierly
January 19, 2009 AT 09:54 PM EST

Walker Walk of Shame Night wasn’t quite as shameful (or as enjoyable) as I anticipated. Still, it was way better than last week’s filler episode, so I’m happy.

Let’s get the Extraneous Walkers of the Week out of the way first: Tommy was off-screen making that deal with the neighboring orchard that will, unbeknownst to Holly, give him majority stake in Ojai. Kitty left town for a photo shoot in San Francisco, but not before she made Robert remember why he’d miss her (by looking hot holding a shotgun). Saul teased Nora for wanting to jump Roger the architect, then disappeared. (He wouldn’t have shown up for Sarah’s Greenotopia party on the roof of a swanky hotel? Really?) And Justin became the sponsor for a blonde addict named Chelsea because, as he would later tell Rebecca after he spent the night counseling Chelsea instead of with her in the world’s ugliest hotel room, it’s nice to feel needed. (That was the first time I’ve ever disliked Justin. Yes, I can see where he would feel neglected since neither of them used to have anything to do, but Rebecca was a hot mess crying on his should for how long? The moment the girl gets her life together, he’s making her feel guilty for it? I would’ve slapped him, then headed up to the honeymoon suite to make up.)

Another disappointment: I expected Kevin’s hunting trip with Robert and the two Daddy Warbucks to produce some choice sound bites, but “the funny” is the one thing surprisingly skilled marksman Kevin didn’t hit. Sure, he made the requisite Cheney joke, but we deserved more than that. (Luckily, Nora picked up some of the slack when Kevin called asking her to give him an excuse to leave: “You made your bed with Republicans, so lie in it. I gotta go… Don’t get shot.”) What we got instead was another example of Robert McCallister’s magic politics: Kevin told the fat cats off after he tired of their “soft” jokes and kicked their asses by gunning down eight quail. Robert told Kevin he had to figure out a way to get the “asshats” to back a McCallister gubernatorial run or he’d take Kevin out back and shoot him and tell Kitty it was a hunting accident. (Did you notice that Rob Lowe cracked a smile after Matthew Rhys used the word “asshats”?) Kevin didn’t technically apologize, but won them over by saying that Robert should’ve fired him but he didn’t — they can expect that same kind of loyalty if they back the senator. I guess, if I squint, I can see where that loyalty line of reasoning would work on the “asshats” (hey, the show used it multiple times), but what I don’t get is why Kevin would be happy having Robert indebted to men whose politics are opposite his (and farther right than the Senator’s). Regardless, this means Robert will have to tell Kitty he’s entering the race, so we have those fireworks to look forward to.

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The rest of the episode can be summed up as Sarah thinks her ship has sailed, Nora thinks her ship has sunk. Or, Sarah and Nora aren’t getting any. The catalyst for yet another classic Nora-Sarah showdown was Nora allowing Sarah’s 10-year-old daughter, Paige, to buy a red sequined tank minidress for a dance party. I find it hard to believe that Nora would’ve let Paige purchase what Sarah called “Hannah Montana meets a Call Girl,” even if she was all about praising and preserving Paige’s self-confidence — but she needed to if the show’s writers were going to make the point that Sarah didn’t want to acknowledge that her little girl is growing up. (Again, I note, SHE’S ONLY TEN.) Sarah was already feeling out of touch because she didn’t know how to Twitter or have a Facebook page, so the argument with Nora sent her into the arms of the dark-haired Greenotopia partner, Ethan, who was totally smokin’ last night. He had consumed enough champagne celebrating the website getting an investor that he had the courage to deliver a speech that any woman would’ve fallen for: You’re brilliant, funny, the sexiest woman in the room and you don’t even know it, etc. The two ended up in a hotel room, but Sarah stopped the makeout session because she realized she’d just be using him to avoid the fact that she’s lost the balance and passion in her life. Ethan handled it the way he should’ve, if he admired and respected Sarah the way he said he did — he understood and just suggested they crack open the minibar. I so heart him now, as opposed to the blond Greenotopia partner Kyle, who tried to make a move on Rebecca because she was mad at Justin. (I’m not saying they wouldn’t make a cute, healthy couple, but that was cheap.)

Saving the best for last, we finally get to Nora and Roger, who have the best chemistry on this show at the moment. Roger made himself Nora’s date for the Greenotopia party because he wanted to convince her that she needs to blow her budget and build her center eco-friendly. During their mother-daughter fight, Sarah told Nora that she’s using the center to avoid dealing with her personal life — and her feelings for Roger. Medicating the way the Walkers do — with alcohol — Nora got wasted and hit the dance floor with Roger. They ended up in a hotel room when she needed a breather, and YAY!, started making out… until Nora passed out. BOO! That, however, meant we got a great conversation in Nora’s kitchen where she told Roger he makes her nervous now and he made her nervous 30 years ago when she was 30 years younger. He told her they’re both getting older, and he’s trying to stay relevant, too. She said she wishes he would’ve kissed her 30 years ago, and he responded, “What about now?” with a longing look in his eyes that made me rewind… and suddenly, not fear aging. 

So, what did you think of the episode? Can Nora and Roger keep their chemistry now that they’re on the same page? Are Justin and Rebecca doomed? Would you have handled Paigegate the way Sarah did (she bought her a jacket and leggings to wear with her Frederick’s of Hollywood for Juniors)? Discuss it all below. We’ll chat again in three weeks.

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