Kristen Baldwin
January 20, 2009 AT 08:01 AM EST

I don’t know about you, Bachelor fans, but I hope the person who came up with tonight’s group date concept gets a raise. It takes a lot of creativity to find an activity that combines nudity, inappropriate touching, and charity work. The bust-building outing wasn’t the only thing that made tonight’s episode notable — from Jason, Stephanie and Sophia’s test-run as a family to the rose ceremony dust-up, episode three was packed with uncomfortable moments. Read all about it in my full TV Watch, but in the meantime, let me know what you think: Is Natalie as shallow as the “ladies” make her out to be? Will Tooth Nazi ever stop crying? And is Lauren right to be afraid of Megan? (My opinion: Hell yes.) But before you start posting, check out Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s new behind-the-scenes blog post, and don’t miss episode three of the original production known as The Doll Bachelor

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