Jean Bentley
January 21, 2009 AT 04:55 PM EST

Last night’s Biggest Loser focused heavily on Joelle, the object of trainer Bob’s freak-out last week. I, for one, was eager to see how the 41-year-old would perform post-tongue-lashing. Would the outburst give her the extra motivational push she needed to finally get her head in the competition? Not exactly.

First up was the temptation challenge. The remaining on-campus contestants were ushered into a room where a table filled with pizza, tacos, cupcakes, and other junk food goodies awaited them. The team that ate the most calories would receive a two-on-one training session in their hometown with their trainer. That means they’d not only be reunited with their teammate, they’d fly back home for a few days. The catch: The home-exiled teammates were given the same challenge too, so the winner would be decided by the home-bound teammate’s actions. On the ranch side, most abstained. Mandi ate one slice of pizza in hopes of seeing her kids for a few days. Joelle loaded her plate with goodies, but didn’t eat them. Ultimately, Joelle’s partner Carla ate the most, consuming a whopping 2,710 calories (three slices of pizza, five chicken nuggets, one taco, and two cupcakes) to ensure that Joelle and Bob would fly out to Detroit.

Once the silver team arrived in the Motor City, it wasn’t long before Carla heard about Joelle’s lack of motivation and threw a fit to rival Bob’s. It’s hard to see the same person seemingly ganged up on week after week, but Joelle’s annoyingly flippant attitude is what’s getting her into trouble. If she’s able to get over herself, let down her guard, and actually want to change her life, I think she’ll be successful.

Once Joelle and Bob returned to California, it was time for the challenge: a large, mechanized version of jump rope using a colored Styrofoam beam. After several folks broke their beams quickly (they didn’t get a hang of the timing), the remaining jumpers did a formidable job shattering the previous Styrofoam-bar-jumping record of 40 minutes, set by season 2 winner Matt. The final two jumpers, Kristin and Tara, lasted 1,030 jumps and more than two hours of 95-degree heat before Tara won immunity for the second week in a row.

At the weigh-in, Damien and (surprise, surprise) Joelle fell below the yellow line. I automatically assumed Joelle would be heading home since they didn’t really focus on Damien at all during the episode (and I was rooting for him since we work out at the same NYC gym). The producers conveniently sat all Joelle’s votes first, but in the end it was Damien who packed his bags. I wanted Joelle to leave because of aforementioned annoyance, but it was definitely the best decision to have her stay. Damien is extremely motivated, and fared much better on his own than Joelle would have.

Biggest loser(s): The black team’s Dane lost 18 pounds, the most of the week, and his partner Blaine lost a not-too-shabby 12.

Biggest overshare: Tara, the challenge winner, stayed hydrated during two hours of Styrofoam-jumping because she threw up in her mouth and swallowed it.

Product placement of the night: Yoplait yogurt! Did you know Yoplait Light is only 110 calories, comes in delicious flavors like strawberry shortcake, and you can snack on it any time, including mid-afternoon and late night? Well, now you do.

Heaviest (and best) moment: When Blaine and Ron learned all the money they’ll save on the medication they don’t need anymore because three weeks of diet and exercise alleviated many of their health problems. Blaine’s meds would’ve cost $733,000 over the next 50 years, and Ron’s cost $20,000 a year.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Did the right contestant go home? Who do you think does or doesn’t deserve to be on the ranch? And which was the better jump strategy — the single hop, or the one-two skip?

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