Mandi Bierly
January 21, 2009 AT 10:11 PM EST

Joss Whedon fans have something else to ponder besides the Feb. 13 premiere of Fox’s Dollhouse: The Cabin in the Woods, the top-secret horror film the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator co-wrote wih Cloverfield‘s Drew Goddard, has cast The West Wing‘s Bradley Whitford and Six Feet Under‘s Richard Jenkins. “It’s really just your basic typecasting: When you need two actorsto run through the woods in low-cut nighties, you immediately thinkof Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford,” Goddard joked to The Hollywood Reporter. Whedon (pictured, left), who’ll produce while Goddard makes his directorical debut, told the trade, “[Whitford and Jenkins are] the first proof that though The Cabin in theWoods is a classic horror film, it isn’t one you’ve seenbefore.”

So what do you think these two are plotting? In my dream world, Whitford (pictured, right) and Jenkins (pictured, center) really are the pair stranded in the woods. (Whedon and Goddard, who’s written for Buffy, Angel, Alias, and Lost, could totally pull that off.) But I also think Whitford would make a great “big bad” — something about the man is unsettling.

addCredit(“Whedon: Todd Williamson/FilmMagic; Jenkins: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Whitford: Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic”)

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