Ken Tucker
January 26, 2009 AT 09:53 PM EST

Rod Blagojevich, the man with a meatloaf for a hairdo, the accused/disgraced Illinois governor, is unavoidable–he’s all over TV today. He made a buff-up-your-image appearance on The View this morning. He’ll be on Larry King Live tonight. He was also on Good Morning America and The Today Show early this morning, showing an impressive, if egomaniacal, display of film history, comparing himself to Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper and citing such classics as Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, It’s A Wonderful Life, Meet John Doe, and Mr. Deeds Goes To Town. (Maybe the first time he watched it, he thought the title was Mr. Deeds Owns The Town, and tried to model himself accordingly.)

On The View, Elizabeth Hasselbeck wasn’t present (there was a death in her family–our condolences to her), and Barbara Walters was on via satellite from LA. She conducted a one-on-one interview, sedate and typically blah, before Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sherri Shepherd were allowed onstage to dig into the meatloaf in person.

Unfortunately, the gals couldn’t stick a fork in him. Blogojevich yammered on and on about not being able to defend himself sufficiently in his upcoming impeachment trial. Whoopi and Joy, usually champion interrupters of each other, failed to interrupt blabby Blago. I really expected better from Joy in particular–she squandered her time asking about the governor’s “potty mouth” (who cares?) and asking him to do his Nixon impersonation (really who-cares?).

Does this actually mean we’ll have to pin our hopes on Larry King doing a decent meatloaf-grilling tonight on Larry King Live? Sheesh. When you have to look to ol’ Mumbly Suspenders for your TV scoops, you know a pop-culture/political scandal is losing steam.

What do you think of letting a guy like this do a media tour to polish his public image? Are you a Blago-phile or a Blago-phobe?

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