Lindsay Soll
January 26, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

Hold on to your bathing suit tops and bottoms, kids—  MTV is taking its never-ending reality show, The Real World, on a Mexican vacation.

It was announced today that the 22nd season of the series will find the next set of “strangers” working in Cancun as tour guides for visiting college students (a.k.a. inebriated co-eds who will inevitably be more interested in the brand of their beer than the history of the Mayan ruins).

The party-central destination seems like an obvious choice for RW, but with the current Brooklyn season’s vow to return to the original cast’s driven-and-mature ways (“We’re not your normal vapid, 20-somethings, party-and-get-wasted group,” roomie Katelyn told me during a house tour), it’s a bit questionable. Plus, we’ve already gotten a taste of the action in Mexico with 2003’s “documentary” The Real Cancun, which was oddly also produced by the makers behind The RW, Bunim/Murray. 

So what do you think, Pop Watchers: genius idea or accident waiting to happen?

addCredit(“Omar Torres/AFP/Getty Images”)

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