Annie Barrett
January 27, 2009 AT 08:33 PM EST

In what seemed like a spontaneous leak but was most certainly the first ripple in what is to become a vast ocean of Donny Osmond publicity over the next few months, Marie’s brother announced on The Bonnie Hunt Show that he’s part of ABC’s eighth bedazzled troupe of Dancing With the Stars contestants. He must really be itchin’ to permanently damage some random ligament. Or he wants to become popular again. It’s definitely one of those two.

Personally, all I can muster up about this news is a mildly sarcastic eye roll, and that’d only be if someone else was in the room. Right now, all alone in my crazy office, it’s just a blank stare. Donny Osmond. Every day on my TV screen (because you know he’ll be all over Extra!). For the next five months.

Pray for me.

addCredit(“Kevin Mazur/WireImage”)

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