Kristen Baldwin
January 27, 2009 AT 08:01 AM EST

If you’re like me, Bachelor fans, you’re out there hoping that the producers purchased a Costco-sized supply of ChapStick before filming began, because Jason Mesnick can’t stop putting his mouth on anything that moves. While I won’t spoil anything here, I will reveal that in the midst of all the making out that goes on in episode 4, Jason and Tooth Nazi (a.k.a. Shannon) share what might be the grossest kiss in Bachelor history. Read all about it in my TV Watch and be sure to check out Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes dish in his episode 4 blog post; but first, what did you think of Jason’s exploits this episode? Was the front-yard camping date your idea of romance? And for the love of God, why won’t these women stop crying? (Then again, I’d be bawling too if I found myself on The Bachelor.) And because we know you can’t get enough of’s original toy production, The Doll Bachelor, click below to watch episode 4—it features the most shocking rose ceremony… ever!

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