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TNT's 'Trust Me': Are you sold?


Trustme_lIt’s safe to say that EW TV critic Ken Tucker isn’t buying what TNT is selling in its latest drama, Trust Me. “Will & Grace’s Eric McCormack and Ed’s TomCavanagh individually seem like nice fellows, but together, aswisecracking admen, they are well-nigh insufferable,” he writes. “As smart-aleckpartners, art director McCormack and copywriter Cavanagh make everyoneelse look like square saps. They squabble with sitcom-style jokes – ‘I’ve been carrying you so long, I have scoliosis’ – but this is anhour-long drama trying to cross Mad Men with Aaron Sorkin-style walk-and-talk dialogue. It’s a clever concept that curdles with cutesy self-consciousness. C+

What about you? I’ve decided to put it on layaway, meaning I’ll DVR it each week but reserve the right to fast-forward. I like Cavanagh’s and McCormack’s chemistry, and I’m already anticipating the sexual tension between Conner (Cavanagh) and fellow wordsmith Sarah (Monica Potter) – both characters will hate themselves for feeling it, which will be fun. I do, however, sorta wish that guest star Jason O’Mara (star of ABC’s Life on Mars) could’ve stuck around for another episode or two as high-strung, sharp-tongued creative director Stu. Stu had to die – of a heart attack at 43 – if the show wants to focus on what happens when dependable family man Mason (McCormack) becomes the boss of his temperamental single partner, Conner. But he definitely wasn’t a sap. This show does need a mad man.

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