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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Desperate Housewives,' 'House,' 'Battlestar,' 'Lost,' 'Brothers & Sisters,' 'Scrubs,' 'Heroes,' 'Daisies,' 'Ugly Betty,' and more!

Question: Your scoop about the lack of Cameron and Chase in the 100th episode of House really killed me. Out of all the episodes, the two of them deserved to be in that one. It’s like a slap in the face to Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer and their fans. I don’t care what their excuses are. – Jessica
You know this column is called Ask Ausiello, not Bitch to Ausiello, right? No, seriously, I hear you. I do. But maybe it’ll take some of the insult out of the injury if I mention that although the episode number is significant, the episode itself is not. Series creator David Shore said he resisted outside pressure to make the Feb. 2 outing anything other than a typical House. So it’s not like he made this really special episode and put everyone in it except Jennifer and Jesse. He made a regular episode and put everyone in it except Jennifer and Jesse. See the difference?

Question: This “Chameron” fix you told us about had better be major –
like major-major. Because after reading about their 100th episode diss,
I am pissed! – Greta

Ausiello: If I oversold it, I have a hunch Jennifer Morrison won’t be
patting me on the head, either. “I’m with the fans these days,” she
told us at last week’s 100th-ep blowout. “I find out what’s happening
when you write about it.” (Hey, at least she and Jesse Spencer were
invited to that.) So, since I have yet to report which game-changing
event will trigger the new storyline, she was clueless as to what it
might be. So was Spencer, but not for lack of trying. When David Shore
refused to divulge the deets, “I said, ‘Go on and tell me, David, or I
will bash your head in,’” the actor jokes. “He said no, and then we had
a bit of a fight and he cried, and I went, ‘Okay, fine. Have your
little secrets.’”

Question: I heard a character might be leaving House at the end of the season. I’m scared it might be Cuddy. – Maude

Ausiello: Though exec producer Katie Jacobs played dumb when I asked
her about the rumored departure at press tour, Cuddy ain’t goin’
nowhere. Trust me. That’s not to say that there aren’t big changes
ahead. Hugh Laurie teased, “House undergoes some pretty traumatic stuff
in the last half of the season. Not physical but mental. They have
lined it up for something fairly cataclysmic, but not, cataclysmic just
for the sake of being disastrous, and not just to end the season on a
crazy note.” So Marcia Cross isn’t gonna blow up the hospital? Er, no.
“Stuff doesn’t blow up,” he promises. “I hope we never blow things up,
ever. This event is sort of contained within House’s head, [but] it is

Question: We haven’t seen much of
Wilson lately on House. Do you know if there is anything in store for him? – Morgan

Ausiello: This certainly has the potential to boost his visibility.

Question: Is there any news on anything Pushing Daisies related? – Eric

Ausiello: Yes, there are three new developments – and, believe it or not, all of them are positive! 1)
I’m told Warner Bros. will definitely be releasing a season 2 DVD. 2) After undergoing a
major post production tweaking, the series finale is now
a loose-end-tying-up extravaganza. 3) And the inimitable Ellen Greene is in
talks with Heroes to return as Sylar’s mom during May sweeps.

Question: Any news on 30 Rock? – Amy

Ausiello: Something tells me Tina Fey just saw Benjamin Button: She’s
currently on the lookout for an actor to play a TGS announcer who’s
been struck by lightning a few times. The comedy’s also hiring a bunch of actors to
play GE staffers that Jack has to fire.

Question: For once in your life, give me some Desperate Housewives news! Anything!!! – Chris

Ausiello: For once? Seriously? Yeah, okay, but just this once.
“Katherine and Mike are going to move in together,” Dana Delany
reveals. “That’s huge. We have shot a few episodes of cohabitation
already, and it has been a tremendous amount of fun.” So tremendous
that she thinks even a crankypants like you will get a kick out of it,
Chris. “Fans of the show since the beginning will remember that Mike
used to live in the house that I live in now in, so it is a sort of
homecoming for him,” the actress notes. “But like all things on
Wisteria Lane, it will have its own set of challenges. We aren’t going
to be living in complete bliss. Susan has issues, for one. And Dave is
still around trying to get revenge.”

Question: Any chance Desperate Housewives will fast-forward another five years when this season’s done? – Blaine

Ausiello: No such luck. “I am not sure how Marc [Cherry, the show’s
“community planner,” intends] to end the season this year,” Dana Delany
hedged, “but I don’t think it will be as dramatic as a five-year jump

Question: You haven’t commented on United States of Tara! I’d love to know what you think. – Jill

Ausiello: A wise man once told me, “If you don’t have anything nice to
say, then type it in all caps.” I think I’ll follow that advice now:
ME NO LIKE! (And this is coming from someone who worships
both Toni Collette and Juno.)

Question: I seriously hate you… How about some Scrubs scoop? – Teela

Ausiello: You sweet-talker, you. How’s this? Remember how boss man Bill
Lawrence told us that he’d compromised on the JD/Elliot thing. Well,
now that they’re officially dating again, you’re probably wondering,
“Um, so what was the compromise?” Well, this is it: “The season isn’t
about [them dating],” he tells me. “[We got to] make everyone happy
that wants them to be a couple, [but] I get to win [too, because] it’s
not Ross and Rachel. The rest of the year isn’t, ‘Are we together? Are
we not together?’ It just works because they’re grown-ups, and they
like each other.”

Question: Got scoop on Stephanie March’s return to Law & Order: SVU? – Dana

Ausiello: Only that it will trigger a brief hiatus for the show’s
current ADA, the woefully underused Michaela McManus. In other SVU
news, ex-Soprano Robert Iler guest stars in tonight’s episode, while
Dabney Coleman, Ron Eldard. Burt Young, and Wallace Shawn drop in next
week. And on Feb. 10, former ER doc Alex Kingston plays attorney
Miranda Pond.

Question: When does Saving Grace return? – Barbara

Ausiello: The second half of season 2 starts March 2. Look for the plot to really start thickening in the third episode (March 16) when
Christina Ricci’s character is revealed to be an IA agent, which
doesn’t sit well with Grace. Meanwhile, Bobby returns after Grace, Ham,
and Butch accidentally blow his undercover gig, and Rhetta decides to
take on Leon Cooley’s case and get him off Death Row. And there’s also this: Holly. Hunter. Naked.

Question: Ausiello, I need some major Big Bang Theory scoop! – Steph

Ausiello: In the Feb. 2 episode, Penny’s ex-boyfriend, Kurt (Brian
Patrick Wade), comes back, much to Leonard’s extreme displeasure.

Question: Please tell me you have some scoop about the best show on television, Brothers & Sisters. – Cory

Ausiello: Justin and Rebecca’s relationship will self-destruct by
season’s end – right around the time Rebecca and Ryan start cohabitating. Coincidence?

Question: Brothers & Sisters show-runner Monica Breen told you that
Jason Lewis’ return as Chad will have an “unexpected” effect on Kevin
and Scotty’s relationship. Is Jason Lewis Saul’s
boyfriend? –  Sasha

Ausiello: He sure isn’t. But you’re sort of on the right track.

Question: Is Balthazar Getty leaving Brothers & Sisters or not? – Claire

Ausiello: Depends what you mean by the word leaving. Yes, Getty will
depart in April when Tommy gets into some legal trouble and skips town,
but it’s the producers’ hope that he will return as an occasional guest
star next season. “We intend for Balthazar to be a part of the show
through its entirety,” says e.p. Monica Breen. “But to the extent that Tommy
figures into the daily lives of the Walkers, that remains up for

Question: I’ve loved your relentless search for the truth about the
future in-bed togetherness of Bones and Booth. But do you hear anything
about the future of my favorite Bones couple, Angela and Hodgins? –

Ausiello: Good news: An annoying roadblock that answers to the name Roxie has been officially cleared, so says series creator Hart Hanson.

Question: Bottom-line the Ugly Betty situation for us. How dire is it? – Gordon

Ausiello: Not nearly as dire as I first thought. Shortly after my story
posted, several very trustworthy ABC insiders came forward to assure me
that the perception is much worse than the reality in this case. The
reality, they say, is it’s highly unlikely that Betty will be forced to
close out its third season in June, as the network’s ominously worded
press release seemed to suggest. And regarding next season, two of the
three sources I queried seemed very confident that Betty would be back next
season. The third one ignored that part of my question and proceeded to pump me for scoop on House. Bottom line: Phew.   

Question: Please give us some scoop on Ugly Betty. Will Betty have any romance in the near future? – Jeni

Ausiello: Do you consider Feb. 19 to be in the near future? ‘Cause
that’s when Daniel Eric Gold debuts as Betty’s new love interest, Matt.
Word is the YETI hottie is concealing a major secret, and it’s
not that he’s loaded (although he isn’t terribly forthcoming about that bit,

Question: Got any Entourage scoop? – Kelly

Ausiello: According to Kevin Connelly, season 6 will be all about “the
guys around Vince figuring out what they’re going to do with the rest
of their lives.”

Question: Any Battlestar Galactica spoilers? – Paul

Ausiello: This Friday’s revolt-themed episode is the best of the season
so far. Of course, it certainly couldn’t be worse than the painfully
tedious and self-indulgent art film that we had to sit through last
week. What a colossal dud that was. But back to this week’s ep,
Adama and Roslin finally decide to take their relationship public when
they suck face in front of the entire fleet. The PDA is greeted
with a mix of “awwwws” and “ewwwws.”

Question: What is the cast of Private Practice going to do over at Grey’s? – Kelly

Ausiello: Filling Mer’s pretty little head with shocking stories
about Derek’s early days ** * **********. And believe me, that’s not a
good thing. Funny? Yes. Good? No.

Question: It’s been reported that both Hayden Panettiere and Ali Larter have asked off Heroes. What’s the scoop? –  Aled

Ausiello: I can confirm that one of those actresses has indeed asked to
be released from her contract. But I hear NBC is unlikely to allow it.

Question: I’m borderline crazy addicted to Lost, and would very much
[twitch] appreciate a scoop on any recent news [twitch]! – CJ

Ausiello: Listen up, Crazy: In last week’s AA, I told you that Team Darlton had been
quietly searching for a “younger Phillip Seymour Hoffman-type” for a
multi-episode arc this season. Well, in this week’s AA, I’m telling you
who they got: October Road’s Brad Henke. I can’t say much about his
character, except that he has ties to the mysterious Ilana.

Question: Any scoop on Lauren Graham’s forthcoming ABC pilot? – Kevin

Ausiello: Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Graham’s ABC
comeback but were afraid to ask can be found via this link. You’ll also find her thoughts on a Gilmore movie and her highly anticipated Broadway debut. What you won’t find, however, is
the following quote about the demise of her NBC development deal last year, and
that’s because I saved it just for AA! “It was [a casualty of the]
strike, really,” she said. “I really liked them. I love their comedies.
But during the time before the strike, nothing had gelled. And nobody
knew how long that was going to last. I couldn’t meet with writers,
which is what I was being paid to do. It was a very amicable split.”

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