Simon Vozick-Levinson
January 29, 2009 AT 11:30 PM EST

John Legend’s hand-held camera footage of the scene backstage at last weekend’s inaugural concert starts off strong enough, capturing a whole gaggle of megastars kidding around, then excitedly greeting the Obama and Biden families. But the video vaults to a whole other level just after the 6:45 mark, when the Obamas bump into Beyonce. Check out the exchange below. The sound is a little muffled, but the transcript goes something like this…

Michelle Obama: “Mr. President, you didn’t tell Beyonce about ‘Single Ladies’? Your rendition?”
Barack Obama: [chuckles] “Oh! I’m not like Justin. I didn’t put on the outfit. But I didn’t want my girls thinking that I couldn’t, you know…I got a lil’ something.”

And then the President of the United States does the Sasha Fierce hand-twirl move from the “Single Ladies” video! (That’d be Step No. 6 in our definitive “Single Ladies” dance tutorial.) Un. Real. It’s over quickly, but President Obama’s little “if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it” gesture certainly beats all the other “Single Ladies” YouTube tributes out there, wouldn’t you say? And how amazing is it that the leader of the free world clearly knows all about Justin Timberlake’s “Single Ladies” parody skit from Saturday Night Live?! This is sooooo much cooler than that time last year when Mitt Romney attempted to sing “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

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Freedom rings! (From the pores of Aretha Franklin’s enormous bow/hat)

UPDATE: EW’s Sean Smith points me toward a very appropriate Obama impersonator clip. I believe that guy just got officially outdone, but it still made me laugh.

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