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'Twilight' stars, Dakota Fanning talk 'New Moon'


Summit Entertainment’s newest film, Push – starring Dakota Fanning
(pictured) – may have been the main event at its premiere last
night in Los Angeles. But the studio still trotted out several Twilight
actors to walk the red carpet, and the upcoming sequel New Moon was
definitely on everyone’s mind – including whether Fanning would slip on
evil Jane’s fangs. “Dakota Fanning would be great as Jane,” said Ashley Green (goodie vamp Alice Cullen). “I really hope that rumor becomes reality.” Fanning, however, said she wasn’t quite ready to bite. “I think it is too soon to say for sure whether I
will or won’t be in [New Moon],” she told EW.com. “But it would be
really cool to do it. I am a very big fan of the books. I read them all
and Jane is an interesting part. We haven’t really sat down and talked
about it. So we will see. It was a good experience working with Summit.
I guess I now have an in at the company.”

Meanwhile, Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) told
EW.com that much like future werewolf Taylor Lautner, he’s been hitting
the gym in preparation for the April shoot. “Bring on the wolves,”
grinned Lutz. “Emmett can take ‘em.” Lutz also says he’s read the New
script, and it’s “amazing.” Fellow Cullen clan member
Greene also said she’d just gotten her hands on the
script. “I felt like a spy reading it,” she said. “It does come very
close to the tone and the events that are in book 2. There are a
couple of things that were changed which I think make it more
interesting for the visual medium but nothing that will upset fans of
the books. I think it is safe to say that it will make everyone happy.”

Perhaps there’s a little Cullen clan favoritism going on at Summit,
however, since actors Rachelle Lefevre and Edi Gathegi – i.e. members
of the Bella-and-Edward-hating vamp clan – both said they hadn’t seen
the New Moon screenplay yet. “They are guarding the script like it is
gold,” said Lefevre, who added she’s already planning how to get into
the mindset of the vengeful Victoria: “I have to figure out how to
channel that much hatred and grief healthily because that is a pretty
dark place to go.” There may be another reason, meanwhile, that
Gathegi’s in the dark on New Moon: He recently told producers he’d
signed on for a spring Broadway production of the August Wilson play
Joe Turner’s Come and Gone. “When I told [Summit] I was going to the
stage,” said Gathegi, “they said, ‘No you’re not. We need you.’ And I
said, ‘Cool. Let’s try to do both.’ We start the play in February and
go until June. They are in, like, day 3 of negotiations to figure out
if I can do both.” But don’t worry; Gathegi says he’s committed to
playing Laurent. “Worst case scenario,” he says, “I get to hang out
with my vamp friends and be in what is destined to be a huge movie
released [on] Nov. 20.” (Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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