Annie Barrett
February 02, 2009 AT 10:30 PM EST

While trolling online for the day’s most important news stories, PopWatch cryptkeeper Mike Bruno stumbled upon this semi-precious gem: During Comcast’s Super Bowl airing in the Tucson area, the game’s feed paused and dissolved into a scene featuring full-frontal male nudity from the adult channel Club Jenna, just after the Cardinals took the lead in the fourth quarter. “Is Super Bowl porn the new Spaghetti Cat?” I wondered. “Who’s Spaghetti Cat?” asked Bruno. Then I had to kill him. JK, people! He suspects the Arizona hijacking was precursed very far in advance by the storied “dude dressed like Max Headroom” hijacking incident, broadcast over Chicago during a 1987 airing of Doctor Who. A bare bottom and some spanking fill up time for a few seconds, so he might be onto something. Press play with caution. This is even more pointless than you think! Does anyone else remember this? Any Tucson-area PopWatchers care to let us know just what the rest of us missed with our boring PG-rated broadcasts?

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