Michael Slezak
February 05, 2009 AT 07:00 AM EST

Attention Idol addicts! I’ve got a pressing familyobligation tonight, which means I’ll be watching tonight’s Hell Week:Extreme Group Auditions Edition on my DVR, and working until theroosters begin to stir to get you my full TV Watch recap. (Look for itto post around 6:00 a.m. EDT!) In the interim, without having watched asecond of tonight’s episode, I know you are TOTALLY OUTRAGED about theelimination of [insert name here] and OVERWHELMED WITH DISGUST that thejudges praised the performance of [insert another name here]. I’mdevastated, too. I really thought [insert one more name here] reallyhad a chance. Let’s all watch last week’s Idolatry below — I promise,it’ll make ya feel better! — and then commiserate in the commentssection below.

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