Mandi Bierly
February 05, 2009 AT 09:56 PM EST

1. Katie Couric should not wear a blouse with extra long sleeves to look edgy. Also totally superficial but worth noting, she still has great legs.

2. According to Golf Digest, Justin Timberlake ranks No. 15 among famous musician golfers. (Incidentally, I rank No. 23,781 among journalists who occasionally cover famous musician golfers.)

3. Chimpanzees like human breasts. Or, at least Katy Perry’s. All the biographical information on Katy was new to me because I’ve been avoiding her, largely due to the fact that my upstairs neighbor plays her album non-stop. She’s the daughter of evangelical pastors who Jesus found after mom went on a date with Jimi Hendrix and dad hung out with Timothy Leary. The only secular music she was allowed to listen to growing up was the Sister Act 2 soundtrack. She was blond, and sang on a Christian channel. At 15, she put out a Christian-Gospel album that tanked. Then, after seeing producer Glen Ballard speak about Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill album, she decided she wanted to work with him, and he stuck by her even after she was dropped by two major labels. Capitol didn’t want to include “I Kissed a Girl” on her album. Katy has indeed kissed many a girl. “And liked it?” Katie asked. Yes, or there wouldn’t be many. The Jesustattoo on her left wrist reminds her of where she’s come from and where shecan go back to — in a good way. Katy comes off much more shy in interviews than she does in her songs or videos. Check out the segment here:

4. Katie interviewing Lil Wayne is as good as Timberlake imagined. My favorite parts: Katie asking Wayne, “Can you take me on a little journey through your face?” (Though boo to us only making two stops on the tat train: “Misunderstood” and “I am music.”) Wayne saying, “I’m a gangster, Miss Katie…I don’t take nothin’ from no one. I do what I want to do. And I’m gonna do that until the day I die. And if i can’tdo that, then I’ll just die” — then explaining to the camera that he was forced to bowl without his custom balls, or his own shoes, or perfect lanes. Wayne admitting that he’s scared of Katie’s competitiveness. Wayne admitting that he smokes marijuana for “medicinal purposes” (migraines). Wayne, born Dwayne, admitting that he dropped the “D” because he’s a Junior, his dad has never been in his life, and he’d rather be Wayne than Dwayne. (The special’s most revealing moment?) Wayne answering Katie’s loaded question about whether he ever stops and wonders if he’s being a good role model: “If you need an example for how to live, then you just shouldn’t have been born. Straight up.” That’s a little extreme, but I do agree with him that people need to worry about the example they’re setting for their kids. He’s just trying to raise his two.

Nos. 5-10, after the jump.

5. “It doesn’t suck” to be Justin Timberlake. Not really a revelation (unlike the fact that I managed to totally miss those “badass” faux movie trailers for Timberlake’s clothing lineand that he has his own record label that just signed its first artistoff of YouTube). He kinda irked me with his response to Katie saying,”Really?” when he said he’s pursuing acting very seriously. “I thinkpop culture has done a number on creativity. Because for me to makethat statement, I get that reaction: Really? You know, it’s like, Yeah, why wouldn’t I?“Because in your next sentence you refer to it as “a hobby” that you canplunge into with “full creative eagerness?” I made up with Timberlake afew seconds later, however, when Couric asked him his motivation for “[Katied Coughed]in a Box,” and he said, “Well, I mean, let’s talk about it. I happen tothink it’s a thoughtful holiday gift.” Also adorable, when Beyoncé hadreservations about the SNL “Single Ladies” sketch, Timberlakeput on the full leotard getup under a robe, walked into her dressing,dropped the robe and posed. She said, “I can’t look anywhere BUT yourface right now.” Sketch on.

6. Per Katie Couric, we could blame Taylor Swift for being “practically perfect.”I call it kinda boring. It seems like there would’ve been good stuffthere: At 14, Swift had a songwriting contract on Music Row and wasworking after school. Mean girls really did stop being her friend oneday, just like in the autobiographical song “The Best Day,” whichCouric had Swift play for her mother (who understandably cried). Shewants to be a corpse on CSI and gets to guest star in an upcoming episode. I feel there was untapped drama here.

7.Some parts of the country will boo a person that they paid to hear sing(Carrie Underwood) for mentioning she’s a vegetarian on stage. Again, not surprising. But really America?

8. The phrase “total crotch burst” rules. Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney used it to summarize lead singer Gary LeVox’s most embarrassing moment — split pants on stage.   

9. Ne-Yo has great comedic timing. Explaining that he’sactually “quite nerdy,” Ne-Yo said, “I’m the guy that would wear apocket protector…if Gucci made it,” then flashed a killer grin.Duffy could have used some of his skills to sell her worthy confession:She has a tattoo on her butt cheeks of a set of lips.

10. Adele’s feeling lonely, and would like to go out to dinner with a man, preferably Justin Timberlake. Heraccent is thick, but I think she said that she ran into him and insteadof saying all the proper things, she just kinda barked sexily andscurried away?

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