Leah Greenblatt
February 06, 2009 AT 05:00 AM EST

The Lonely Island, those lowbrow geniuses who brought us ”D— in a Box,” explain their debut comedy CD/DVD — a mix of already classic SNL digital shorts and new material destined for dorm-room ubiquity.

”D— in a Box”
”We’ve actually got the Emmy that’s engraved with ‘D— in a Box,”’ says Andy Samberg. ”We should totally have a trophy party with Three 6 Mafia and their ”It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” Oscar.”

”Lazy Sunday”
”Growing up in Berkeley, we were into hip-hop,” says Samberg. ”But there was a year in high school when I was way into Pink Floyd. You can really hear that here.”

”Punch You in the Jeans”
”There’s nothing deep here, just two idiots who love shorts and hate jeans,” says Akiva Schaffer. ”It’s based on a Jurassic 5 song, so we actually got DJ Nu-Mark on it.”

”Sax Man”
”We tried to use a real sax, but the sounds that we made out of the computer were so much funnier,” says Schaffer. ”It’s a fake sax, but don’t tell people! That’s our secret.”

”Santana DVX”
”We found this official Santana-brand champagne in Napa, and it was so arbitrary we decided it should be the official drink of the Lonely Island,” says Jorma Taccone. ”It’s like our Brass Monkey.”

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