Best and worst Super Bowl ads of 2009 |


Best and worst Super Bowl ads of 2009

Cash4Gold and Denny's had some of the best ads this year, while Go Daddy and Castrol had some of the worst

Advertisers spent up to $3 million for 30 seconds. Some were priceless, while others were creatively bankrupt.

The Best

It’s sad when you sense celebs are doing ads because they need the money. When that’s the whole point, it’s hilarious.

Showing the dangers of mixing Mafia business with a kiddie breakfast, Denny’s hit a grand slam.

The fan-created crystal-ball spot was a valentine to people who want to nail their boss in the groin (i.e., everyone).

Maybe we were hypnotized by the repetition. Or maybe we subconsciously want to club a bespectacled koala bear.

The Worst

Dorky dudes and hot, nearly nude ladies: Go Daddy goes to the same well every year, and always hits bottom.

Another year, another monkey gag. Can’t someone please train another animal to wear a jumpsuit?

We didn’t think it possible to make the dancing lizards even more annoying. Yet lame 3-D technology sure did the trick.

Flowers berate a single woman’s looks: Ha-ha, that’ll teach her to be a stereotype rehashed by admen!