Mandi Bierly
February 09, 2009 AT 06:29 PM EST

Last night’s B&S was an enjoyable hour of Walker insanity, mainly because quippy Kevin was back and Nora hit the bottle. The episode revolved around Kitty’s baby shower, which raised multiple issues. Issue #1: Should gay men be invited to showers just because they’re gay? Answer: No. They should be invited because they’ll be there focused and ready for fun and keep the guests entertained with witty banter like, “I am not gonna stand here and be interrogated by The View.” Saul was offended that he, Scotty, and Kevin were invited and the straight men in the family were not. He didn’t come out of the closet to be a stereotype, he said. Scotty said there’s no one way to be gay. Kevin responsed, “Well, he’s managed to be the most dull, joyless version I’ve ever seen.” Kevin is so much funnier when Robert’s not around. Kevin determined that Saul really was just scared of introducing his boyfriend, Henry (John Glover), to the family. To which I say, then don’t bring the boyfriend. Problem solved. (Saul did bring him and he survived his first Crazy Nora encounter. Congratulations!)

Issue #2: Can/should a woman start a new career when she’s expecting a baby? I feel for Kitty. She’s a woman who focused on her career for most of her life, and then the moment she decides to start a family, her dream job falls into her lap four weeks before her adoption due date. But here’s my question: Why does it have to be all or nothing? Wouldn’t this new broadcast journalism department Wexley University wanted her to be the dean of also need professors? Why can’t she just teach? After fighting with Nora and Sarah about how to work a stroller (that went on a little too long), Kitty realized her life was about to change enough and turned down the job. Robert was upset because now, it’s clear that Kitty is willing to make sacrifices for their family that he isn’t. She finally figured out that he’s running for governor, and it looks like next week, he’ll have to decide what comes first: Kitty or his ambition. (Though this series is guilty of making previews look way more dramatic than the show actually will be, so who knows.) Kitty knew Robert was a driven man when she meant him. I’m not faulting him for that. I just want him to consult Kitty before he makes his decision, like she did when she phoned him while cowering in Nora’s house before her shower.

addCredit(“Danny Feld/ABC”)

Issue #3: Is Nora a fuddy duddy? This recurring theme is getting a bit tired. She’s a grandmother. She’s allowed to be traditional. Whether that’s in terms of annoying baby shower games or not wanting to be the third party in Roger’s sexless open marriage. (P.S. I don’t think you have to be a grandmother to not want to be a part of that, right?) Nora was actually upset because she didn’t want to give up Roger and their afternoon delight. But after an awkward conversation with Holly about “Little Miss Pasadena” being in a “three-way thing,” she knew she wouldn’t be happy. She wasn’t, as Roger said, denying herself certain pleasures out of stubborness — she needs to know that she alone is enough for a man just once her life. When Nora sat down and started talking about the designs with Roger, I thought thought about how far she’s come since Isaac (Danny Glover). Go Nora.

As for the other storylines getting goosed last night, a phone call from Chelsea interrupted Rebecca and Justin having sex. Then later, Rebecca interrupted Chelsea trying to guilt Justin into staying her sponsor and kissing him. It was weird that we didn’t get to see the resolution of that immediately,  but that’s because the writers wanted to let Rebecca throw the fact that she believed Justin when he said he didn’t respond to Chelsea back in his face when he wouldn’t entertain the thought that Tommy might’ve done something shady with the vineyard deal. After the board passed the acquisition, the other vineyard owner let it slip to Rebecca that Tommy called him two months ago — when Rebecca had only been led to believe that she gave Tommy the idea one month ago. She went on Tommy’s computer and confirmed that he was looking at the vineyard before her brilliant idea. Now, why wouldn’t she have gone to her mother. Or, you know, right to Tommy? She could’ve just told him what that guy had said. What did she expect Justin to do? What is she expecting her dad David (Ken Olin) to do now that she’s visiting him?

So, what did you think of last night’s episode? Are you ready to go through the Meet the Walkers routine again with Ryan Lafferty (Luke Grimes) next week? (I say, bring it. We just have to accept that the show will always need to bring in outsiders for the Walkers to fight infront of.) Do we think Saul might actually get some screentime now that we’ve met Henry? (I hope.) And what do you want to see happen between Robert and Kitty? (I’d like her — or Nora — to kick him.)

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