February 09, 2009 AT 10:05 PM EST

In last night’s Flight of the Conchords, forts were built, cookies were decorated, and friends were made…kinda. Props to the boys for giving Mel her own song. If you think she’s weird, check out how bizarre her dreams are (below), and you’ll realize, hey, real-life Mel’s not so bad, and that’s saying something. The larger-than-life banana floating around and the purple elephants didn’t faze me, and even I’ve had a dream where all my teeth fall out. But one part of this visually awesome music video did get me thinking: If the Oedipus complex is where a child subconsciously sexually desires the parent of the opposite sex and wants to harm the parent of the same sex, what does it mean when you dream that you give birth to the men you lust after and want to eat their cookie faces? And that’s why the world can’t be more like your dreams, Mel. Because you’re crazy. And I love it.

You know who else is pretty cool? Jim Gaffigan! Fact: You can never go wrong with a guest appearance by Jim Gaffigan. (See: Super Troopers and That ’70s Show.) As we now know, throwing him into a song isn’t a bad idea either. This precious ditty upholds the true purpose of friendship, which is that “friends walk together, pop and lock together.” This collaboration of four men I simply adore made me feel warm inside and was complete with an a cappella intro that could only have been better if Andy from The Office popped up in the backseat, too. 

So, PopWatchers, what did you think of the Conchords’ latest jingles? Anyone else think Mel looked even more absolutely fabulous with long hair? More importantly, what do you think Bret did in Mel’s dream that made her so mad? And who agrees that Jemaine’s more of a Chandler, and serial-list-maker Murray is totally Monica?!

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