Jason Adams
February 10, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

So a few of us around the office here have been talking, and we’re not sure if this is a “Who should play him in the movie?” item, or just a simple “Separated at birth?” observation — but you have to admit, there’s quite a resemblance between Sully and Willy. (And yes, we realize we’re not the only ones to notice the similarities. A Google search just now brought up people posting on IMDB and Facebook who made the connection independent of us, just like many of you no doubt — we’re just providing a service!)

Our call: Chesley, you could do a lot worse than have this much-loved Oscar-nominated actor play you in the movie adaptation of the U.S. Airways Hudson River miracle you presided over. And if you’d like to see a quick sample of his work (God knows he’s seen plenty of yours), here’s a clip of him on the short-lived (but excellent) Aaron Sorkin show Sports Night:

More Sully Sullenberger:

Sully Sullenberger is the last action hero

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