Chris Harrison
February 10, 2009 AT 06:00 PM EST

I have great news for all of you who have been begging (alright, justasking nicely) for more bloopers and behind-the-scenes stuff. Thisseason’s Women Tell All special will be two hours. We have already shota couple segments for this special. I sat down with Jason and got hisperspective on the show now that he’s had a chance to see it on TV andwitness those moments that happened when he wasn’t around. We also wentthrough several bloopers and highlights that have never been seenbefore and didn’t make the show. This special will air in two weeks.

Let’s deal with some of my favorite comments of yours from this pastweek. Alana mentioned she watches the show with her husband Roger who’sa Marine. I love that couples watch the show together but wanted togive a special salute to any and all of our viewers who serve ourcountry. They do the real work so we have the right to do silly thingslike blog and tink champagne glasses. Thank you, Roger! Many of youasked about the house where Jason is staying and where we shootdeliberation. This, as many of you commented, is not Jason’s realhouse. This is a house we rented from a lovely couple that I had thepleasure of meeting and sharing a glass of vino with. This is a verycool house, but I don’t think any parent would really want to raise akid in a house completely surrounded by water. We used this housebecause it looks great and it’s only about ten minutes away from thehotel where all the girls stayed and the rose ceremonies were held.Jason does live in Kirkland (which you saw on Deanna’s season) which ismuch further away. A few of you gave me a hard time about my Green Dayreference last week. You guys were so right I should have mentioned alocal Seattle band like U2.

The hometown week is a rough one on the cast and crew, but it’s one of my favorite episodes because, as the old saying goes, you can’t pick your family. This is also the first time the women are out of the “bubble” and back around the people they love and trust the most. I always find it interesting how they explain their feelings and how the family and friends react. We started up in Canada with Jillian. This is a perfect example of how a hometown can change everything you know about somebody. Jill went from this happy-go-lucky girl to the woman explaining how her family struggled with but survived her mother suffering from depression. An incredible story and a very touching moment when she opened up to Jason about this. Bottom line: Jason and Jillian left this week closer than they’ve ever been.

We then dropped down into Grand Rapids, Michigan to visit Molly. There are a few entertaining things you didn’t get a chance to see on this date. Jason played beer pong with Molly’s family for a couple hours. Also not shown (but you will see it on the Women Tell All special) was Jason losing a bet on the golf course to Molly and having to take his pants off and give them to her. He walked off the course in his boxers! I guess my biggest question for Molly’s family is…hats? And the hat box? Apparently, in Jason’s mind Molly looks like Jack Nicholson’s version of the Joker. Jason told me later he couldn’t believe Molly’s mom asked him to sketch her. He had no idea what to do and is clearly not an artist. Overall this was also a good hometown visit and he enjoyed his time with Molly and her family.

Then came possibly the greatest hometown date in the history of hometown dates: Naomi in California. It’s like a buffet. Where do I start? Let’s begin with Naomi’s mom’s brilliant words to live by: “be one with the hula hoop.” I think if we all live by that mantra this world will be a better place. Before any of you start commenting that our devious producers made this up, we didn’t…the dead dove was for real. I know. I can’t believe it either, but we had nothing to do with this. Jason told me he swore he was being punk’d. The whole time he kept waiting for everybody to start laughing and let him in on the joke, but alas, it was no joke. So he just mumbled his way through it, trying to keep a straight face. I also love the fact that Naomi’s mom said the dove killed itself on the windshield of her car and that it wasn’t her fault. If I had been there I would have eulogized Rosie (they really named the dead dove?) with these profound thoughts: Rosie, oh blessed bird of peace, I’m sorry it all had to end this way, but thank you for blessing us with maybe the best TV moment I’ve ever witnessed! As if the dead dove wasn’t enough TV gold, Naomi’s mom actually one-upped herself by asking Jason about his thoughts on reincarnation. One moment we didn’t show you was that Naomi’s mom believes she is Joan of Arc reincarnated. (On a side note: I believe I’m Keith Richards reincarnated….what’s that? He’s not dead yet?) The look on Jason’s face while talking to Naomi’s mom was priceless. Jason somehow survives Naomi’s mom only to be peppered by her dad Hector about his thoughts on Jesus. The fact that Jason is Jewish made this a terrific conversation. Naomi later admitted that maybe we should have discussed our faith before this hometown visit….You think! One last note before I wrap up Naomi’s hometown. This was her family’s house. I was a little thrown off, as I’m sure you guys were, when you saw the slot machines and the bathroom doors that had male and female signs on them. I could blog another five pages on this date but let’s just think of Rosie the blessed dove and fly on. Bottom line: Jason was a little thrown off by this hometown visit (as most humans would have been) and wasn’t sure this was the right fit for him and Ty.

While Jason was still trying to recover from his time with Naomi he flew into Dallas only to be told he won’t be allowed to meet Melissa’s family because they aren’t comfortable with the “publicness” of this. This is my official position on this whole ordeal. I fully respect Melissa’s parents for not coming on the show and even understand it. They didn’t sign up for this, their daughter did. But, while I respect their decision a whole bunch of red flags came up for me, as they did for Jason. Not meeting her parents on TV is one thing but when Jason found out none of her closest friends really knew her family either, that was a little odd. Everything he learned about Melissa on this date was puzzling for him and for the first time really made him question their connection. This is one of those very real situations we’ve all been in where your heart and gut are telling you one thing, but your head is screaming another. This is not over yet and they will continue to talk about this and deal with it next week on the exotic dates.

We all flew back to Seattle for the deliberation and rose ceremony. Before you blow up the blogosphere, let me just say my wife hated the sweater I was wearing as well. I have to admit, I did kind of look like a priest, but that was in honor of the blessed dead dove Rosie. My outfit aside, this was a very serious and long deliberation as Jason was trying to piece together what was a very long, exhausting and strange week. The decision to let Naomi go was tough for Jason, but he clearly knew she was the one to go this week. He has a very strong connection with the other three and truly feels Naomi has plans that don’t really fit with him and Ty right now. A few tidbits from the rose ceremony: The actual ceremony was held in a grand ballroom just up a flight of stairs from the lobby. The hotel hung a big curtain across the stairs to block it from view. We asked the city of Seattle to help us out and block off the street just outside the hotel for a few minutes while Jason walked Naomi out to the limo. This would allow us to have the privacy we needed. They were happy to help but not knowing we were doing this for privacy, the city sent out a press release announcing that the street would be closed for the shooting of the Bachelor television show. Obviously not the best situation, but it was late and we could clearly see there were no photogs around capturing this moment. As Jason announced, we are all off to New Zealand for the final two weeks of the show, and, if you do the math, I’m sure you realize Deanna will be back very soon! Thank you for another great week and I think it’s only fitting that we all take a moment and say our goodbyes… to Rosie!

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