Margaret Lyons
February 10, 2009 AT 11:20 PM EST

We’re counting down the days until the new Star Trek movie opens (er, 86), but until then, at least we have Go!Animate, acartoon-creation site/tool/community that lets users make their ownanimated fare with Spock et al. Go!Animate also has Street Fightercharacters, political figures, celebrities, and classic cartooncharacters, which means I can finally make my fantasy movie of JonStewart and Chun Li dancing and shooting rayguns at Mt. Rushmore. Dreambig, PopWatchers!

The built-in options are suprirsingly dynamic andsophisticated — characters walk, talk, dance, fight, emote — but the toolsare still really simple, even for those of us whose experience withanimation is strictly “I doodle in the margins” and not “I interned atPixar.” You can upload sounds (either with your computer’s microphoneor via phone), create multiple scenes, and include a variety of specialeffects. Kiss your afternoon goodbye.

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