Mandi Bierly
February 11, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

I had somehow missed the news that Lipstick Jungle‘s (and Flirty With Forty‘s) Robert Buckley was guest-starring on The CW’s Privileged last night, so you can imagine the rewind! I hit when I saw his name flash at the start of the episode. He was introduced as David, the smart, hot (but fully-clothed) new editor-in-chief of the magazine that Will’s dad is starting. Like David — who had to hire Will as his senior photography editor, per papa — I am over the Will and Megan drama. David told Megan that he couldn’t hire her because a start-up magazine staff doesn’t need the added stress of having to stroke Will’s ego every time he thinks Megan values someone’s opinion more than his. (Seriously, how whiny was Will last night?) While I’m now ready for Megan to call it quits with Will, if the writers managed to redeem him, I could totally get into a love triangle. I’m loving that David doesn’t seem too impressed with Megan yet, which means the tension could be a nice slow build. That is, if the series doesn’t end with the season finale on Feb. 24. (Reaper returns March 3 to take the Tuesday at 8 p.m. time slot, bumping 90210 back to Privileged‘s 9 p.m. hour.)

So, do you want a second season of Privileged? Is your order, like mine, contingent on Buckley sticking around for a bit? And do you vote for a love triangle, for Will and Megan to break up but work together, or for Will to man up, quit the job daddy got him, and leave town?

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