Meeta Agrawal
February 11, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

With Oscars producers teasing that they’re shaking up the ceremony this year, we’re all waiting for details on just what that means. Turns out step one is a biggie: They’re letting the public vote…for the dresses! (You didn’t really think the Academy would turn over its precious precious voting power to us mere plebes, did you?)

Starting today, over at the Oscars site (warning: registration required) readers can vote for a dress that will be worn by the person who has the very important job of not dropping the golden statuette until it can be handed over to its rightful owner. (And technically, you’re voting not just for the dress but the model who will get to do the presenting, too. How very Project Runway of the Academy!)

The seven nominated dresses (pictured after the jump) vary from standard to spectacular, and the designers range from up-and-comers to established names like Maria Pinto and Robert Rodriguez. Looking through the choices, it strikes me that some of these dresses — like Marianne Kooimans’ dramatically embroidered one-shouldered gown — would be beautiful on a nominee, but just distracting on a trophy presenter. So, personally, I’m rooting for Maria Pinto’s silver column gown, which is interesting enough that it’ll give me something to admire during the ceremony’s slow moments (I’m looking at you, PriceWaterhouseCoopers!) but not so captivating that it’ll detract from the tears that we can only hope Kate/Angelina/Anne will be shedding up there. 

What do you think PopWatchers -– which of these dresses do you want to see on stage at the Oscars?  Vote in our poll, after the jump, and then we’ll see how PopWatchers’ sartorial opinions stack up against the rest of the country’s come Feb. 22!

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