Mandi Bierly
February 14, 2009 AT 06:21 AM EST

Just catching up on the latest orders and I see this headline on E! looking for ‘Hot Girls in Scary Places.’ The show, which will premiere as a special and serve as a pilot for a reality series, “stars three University of Southern California cheer squad friends challenged to spend the night in a supposedly haunted abandoned hospital and compete for a $10,000 cash prize.” This concept is not new; the honesty in the title is. TAG (Totally Arbitrary Grade): B

Among the pilot orders at the broadcast networks…

Good Girls: Ashton Kutcher’s company is behind this CBS comedy, which Variety says revolves around “two childhood friends who try to reinvent themselves after making some youthful mistakes.” Without knowing what kind of “mistakes” we’re talking about, it’s hard to judge whether this is Romy and Michele or Thelma and Louise. Technically, I enjoyed both. TAG: B

Cop House: Per Variety, this Fox show centers on a halfway house for “troubled cops.” While changing the title would mean EW couldn’t do a charticle comparing Cop House to Cop Rock, I think they should do it. TAG: B-

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