Ken Tucker
February 15, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

Chris Brown and Rihanna: Love in Trouble is the title of a special MTV will air on Monday at 6 p.m. EST. “In trouble”? Seems as though when one person is allegedly beaten by another person in the relationship, love is in considerably worse shape than “trouble.” MTV says it has gathered “journalists, industry professionals, and other experts to provide insight and commentary” about the Grammy-night felony battery charges brought against Chris Brown after an argument with his girlfriend, Rihanna. The network includes sound-bites from TMZ’s Harvey Levin. He comments on Brown’s “squeaky-clean looks” working in the singer’s favor with a jury may well be correct, as ill-making as that sounds with what few solid facts we know right now.

MTV also gave out a clip from freelance journalist Laura Checkoway, who’s interviewed Brown in the past:

Again, it’s pretty dismaying to hear someone say she’s “wasn’t that surprised” Brown is up on charges for this awful behavior. You want to scream, “Well then, why didn’t anyone help or come down hard on this guy before he did what he’s alleged to have done?” But of course, reporters aren’t social workers or therapists, and, again, the context of Brown’s comments to Checkoway about his “abusive family” and “his demons” provide a little insight.

MTV hasn’t made the entire special available yet, and I can’t say I look forward to combing though this dreadful story, but one can safely assume that MTV will do what all TV news does in these situations: provide its usual, vexed combination of insight and exploitation, with the bottom-line hope that viewers watching will be dismayed and repulsed by the incident being described.

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