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February 16, 2009 AT 08:04 AM EST

EW’s Clark Collis called the new Friday the 13th “grungy” and “competent” in his review, but we wanted to know what you thought. It turns out a number of our Twitter followers were among the gore-gobblers who made the slasher reboot the weekend’s box office winner. For this week’s PopWatch Movie Exit Poll, we invited them to share their 140-character reviews of Friday the 13th and this weekend’s other notable opening, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Our favorite replies are posted below.

Friday the 13th

As a fan of slasher films, it was awesome. Nudity and blood. Who needs believable scenes when you have a hockey masked killer? –@germainlussier

I really enjoyed this reworking of Friday the 13th.  I enjoyed the scares, the humor, it fit the bill as far as slasher films go –@panicsm

[…]It was horrible – but not in a good way. really boring movie. –@aliasnews 

I thought it was pretty good! Its been awhile since there’s been a GOOD Jason movie. It’s what I expected, and a good cast, too! –@breakinghorizon   

Bring extra pants –@wickedjuan

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I knew “Shopaholic” would be a fun chick flick, but I wasn’t expecting a GOOD, funny movie – which is what I got! A+ from me! –@squaredonut

I have a confession. I have a weakness for the giddiness of “Shopaholic.” I must be 1 of the chicks this flick was made for. –@uptheapples

Shopaholic formula: girl finds guy but girl is flawed, girl loses guy, works through flaws, gets guy back. Expected, but good B- –@kimberlyjo  

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