Marc Bernardin
February 19, 2009 AT 06:00 AM EST

If the one thing in the world that would make you happy is the sight of Hayden Panetierre acting all naughty-saucy-haute-bitchy, then boy…do I have a trailer for you.

Now, what was going through my mind while watching this was not, Chris Columbus wouldn’t have been my first guess as the writer director of a pseudo-raunchy teen comedy, but okay. Nor was it, Will kids getting hit by cars become the new shot-to-the-crotch? No, it was, If these dorks had created Hayden with a primitive PC while wearing bras on their heads, and then she led them on “the night that would change their lives,” this would be Weird Science.

Not that reminding me of Weird Science is ever a bad thing. (Kelly LeBrock, why hast thou forsaken us?)

Are you on board for I Love You, Beth Cooper? Or do you, like me, think that if Hayden Panetierre’s ever gonna shed those “save the cheerleader” shackles she’ll have to take roles that erode her comfort zone. Like the stage version of Cruel Intentions that exists only in my head where she’s smooching Sarah Michelle Gellar six days a week and twice on Sunday. TMI? Prolly…

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