Adam Markovitz
February 19, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

When Conan O’Brien leaves for Los Angeles after this Friday’s show, he’ll be ending a 16-year-run on Late Night that produced some of the funniest moments in recent TV history. To mark the occasion, we put together a list of five of Conan’s greatest hits. Check them out, and be sure to give us your picks!

5. December 1998. An impromptu game of “Suck and Blow” results in a quick kiss betweenConan and supermodel Rebecca Romijn. Realizing what he’s just done,Conan gives a triumphant fist-pump, throws his chair into the air,and then falls to the floor. Wouldn’t you?

4. January 2008. With the writers strike in full swing, a bearded O’Brien dons a glittery jacket and a cowboy hat for a full-band rendition of “Blue Moon” — all to prove that he can still put on a show without his usual staff of jokesters. As if we ever doubted him.

3. April 2002. Conan’s visit to Martha Stewart’s Westport, Conn., compound (whichhe described as “something a Bond villain would have inside avolcano”) gives a chance for the comedian to run havoc in Martha’sperfectly organized studio. Who else could get the domestic diva to eatcheese whiz off her own hand?

2. March 2006. After joking about his uncanny resemblance to Finnishpresident Tarja Halonen, O’Brien finally travels to the Scandinaviancountry to come face to face with his doppelganger. The resulting show is one of the greatest — and weirdest — moments in the history of late-night TV.

1. October 2000. An apple-picking trip in upstate New York with Mr. T provides a solidfive minutes of mind-bending hilarity. One highlight: Conan points outan apple with a bee in it, and Mr. T immediately swings into action,smashing it with his elbow and growling, “T one, bee zero.” We pity thebee that messes with Mr. T.

Your turn, PopWatchers: What are your favorite Conan moments?

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