Margaret Lyons
February 19, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

NBC announced Jimmy Fallon‘s guests for his debut week, and it looks like a pretty good mix of big stars, people who are promoting stuff for NBC, and then some other…random people. Whattawegot:

Monday: Robert De Niro and Van Morrison
Consider the dad market cornered. De Niro is an A-List, class-act guest, but is that the same thing as being a big draw? It’s not at the box office — last year’s Righteous Kill barely cleared $40 million domestically. De Niro can be pretty, oh, let’s call it “low energy” on television (exhibit A), which might make the excitable Fallon seem even more fidgety, plus just about anyone is going to seem like a lightweight sitting next to Mr. Raging Bull. Hmmm.

Tuesday: Tina Fey, Jon Bon Jovi, and Santogold
I’m actually a little bit excited for a Fey/Fallon reunion. It’ll be like the old days! And at least Santogold is sort of current/newsy.

Wednesday: Cameron Diaz and Billy Crudup
So Crudup is promoting Watchmen. But what is Cameron Diaz doing on the show? Do other people find her interesting?

Thursday: Donald Trump, Serena Williams, and Ludacris
It’s an uphill battle for Donald Trump, trying to pimp the new season of Celebrity Apprentice in the wake of three of his casinos filing for bankruptcy. Oh, and also because everyone is super over The Apprentice. Serena Williams is usually a non-entity on television, but maybe Ludacris can keep things exciting?

Friday: Drew Barrymore and Mario Batali
Drew Barrymore is BFFs with Jimmy Fallon’s wife, her producing partner Nancy Juvonen, and she’s seriously one of my favorite talk-show guests because she’s so chatty and personable. Batals’ — as Gwyneth Paltrow calls him — recent buzz has been a little on the narsty side (that video contains some unpleasantly frank discussion of sex), but he’s a TV personality, which means he won’t need too much prodding from Fallon to keep the segment moving.

This seems like a tough opening-week line-up; Fallon won’t havemastered the hostly “just relax, I can steer this ship” skills thatmake even dud guests fun to watch on Letterman or The Daily Show.What say you about these guests, PopWatch Nation? Whose cheeks would you plant on Fallon’s couch in his first week? And what makes a good late-night guest, anyway?

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