Ken Tucker
February 20, 2009 AT 09:14 PM EST

Ann Coulter appeared on a Joy Behar-hosted edition of Larry King Live last night, and CNN kept superimposing the caption, “Ann Coulter Unleashed!” Boy, was the network, and Behar, just aching for Coulter to scorch up the airwaves. This is why Coulter gets invited on TV shows when she has a book to flog: she can be relied upon to say outrageous things, egged on by her hosts. But last night, Behar was trying too hard. Quoting the conservative columnist Rich Lowry about some discussion point, Behar suddenly asked Coulter, “Did you ever date him?” Huh? Gee, kind of a sexist question, isn’t that, Joy?

Trying to align Coulter with Rush Limbaugh, Behar said that Limbaugh wasn’t a Republican but an “extreme right-winger” and that a lot of Limbaugh’s listeners probably hated him. Coulter responded that when you have over 20 million listeners, you’re not extreme but “dead down the center” when it comes to popularity. She also asked Behar if, given the fact that Oprah Winfrey has an audience at least as big if not larger, would Behar say that a big chunk of Oprah’s audience hates Oprah? Whatever you think of Coulter, this just makes pop-cultural sense. I always enjoy you on The View, Joy, but last night on Larry King, I’d have to say, you got served by Coulter.

Check it out and tell me what you think…

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